Sensatek was selected from all teams in UCF I-Corps Site Program cohort to present to Florida Angel Nexus on April 20th. These talented scientists and entrepreneurs are developing a sensor designed to withstand the extraordinarily harsh environments of turbine engines, testing labs and other environments. Their sensors have the potential to provide benefits in longevity of engine life, improvements in safety to those monitoring equipment, reduced downtime issues resulting in dramatic cost savings, FAR better collection of valuable data and, of course, improved reliability between maintenance.

The team had the opportunity to present a 2 minute elevator pitch and network with our attendees at our NEXUS meeting at Lowndes Law in downtown Orlando. Sensatek’s purpose at the Florida Angel Nexus was to highlight their technology, customer/market validation, go-to-market strategy, and network with high net-worth people in the room that could help with referrals & mentors if needed, and showcase the team’s star power.

The Florida Angel Nexus (“NEXUS”) powers angel investment groups statewide. The NEXUS organizes deal flow, coordinates due diligence, streamlines portfolio management, and provides broader context. The NEXUS enables investors to invest in small groups of their own choosing and meet highly specialized goals while enjoying the efficiency of a large investment entity. The NEXUS leverages an extensive network of industry experts, NEXUS enables investigations to better understand the market, product, and execution risk of investment opportunities. Selected companies gain exposure to a large number of investors from angel groups across the state who co-invest to meet the company’s fundraising goals; the angel groups gain far more insights than they can generate on their own. It’s a win-win situation.


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